Become a Partner!

Do you run a business dedicated to the public and tourism? Are you a travel
agency, a hotel, a campsite? Expand your business and become our Partner!

Rent scooters in your area!

No Investment

No advance payment, guarantee or security deposit is required. The partnership is based on the principle of mutual business cooperation, without any start-up costs.

No logistical commitment

Onmovo is responsible for the transport and delivery of the vehicles. Each partner is provided with a number of vehicles proportionate to the size of the location. Maintenance and any other expenses related to scooter maintenance and insurance charges are our responsibility.

No bureaucratic burden

The partner has a working relationship with Onmovo for the management of the delivery of vehicles to the customer. The signing of the contract, the invoicing, the management of fines and any other administrative and bureaucratic burden are under OnMovo responsibility.

No fixed cost

There are no fixed costs, nor rental fees to be paid for vehicles hosted at the Partner’s facility. For each rental a commission is granted as an intermediary between the Partner and Onmovo, no fixed costs.

Afraid of not being able to take care of the rental?

We also thought of this: the partner will only have to take care of the delivery of keys and helmets (check out). We’ll take care of the rest!

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