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Frequently Asked Questions

As simple as it is to drive an automatic scooter, especially if of a small displacement, a total lack of previous experience in driving a two-wheeled motor vehicle, can be a serious gamble. So we do not recommend renting to those who have no previous driving experience, despite being in possession of the requisites required by law (license A or B) for the conduct of a scooter.

For bicycles rental:

  • Id, driver’s licence or passport
  • Credit card

For motor vehicles rental:

  • For vehicles with a displacement less than 125cc driver’s license B category (car’s permit) or A category
  • For higher displacement driving licence for motor vehicles of category A
  • Credit card

The rental price includes:

  • Third Party insurance
  • Lock
  • Helmets and disposable caps
  • Everything is included in the insurance package choosen
  • Prices include Vat and circulation charges

The mileage is unlimited for all vehicles except for motorcycles with displacement larger than 400 cc, when available. In these cases the maximum mileage is 200 Km per day. If the rental contract is multi-day the mileage is multiplied by the number of days. Example: for a contract with a duration of seven days the mileage is calculated: 7 x 200 = 1400 Km total.

If applicable, the cost for every extra km is € 0,30.

In case of rain or uncertain weather, a complete waterproof trousers-jacket and gloves are provided on request free of charge. 

Please contact us first for information about the availability of this clothing, in relation to vehicle pick-up location.

Yes, the helmet is absolutely mandatory throughout the European Union. We provide up to two helmets each scooter of different sizes that you can store in the case or under the seat at each stop without any problems.  

Also comes a helpful disposable cap.

The Italian law stands for an absolute ban on transporting children under 5 years on two-wheeled vehicles.
    In case of children older than 5 years, the law stands that based on the body structure of the child, this must be able to sit in a stable and balanced manner, in the position determined by the appropriate equipment of the vehicle.

    The starting point of your rental can be either at one of our offices, at a partner or at a delivery point.

    The same applies to the return of the vehicle, you can choose the place that suits you the most.

    We can cancel any reservation without penalty up to 48 hours before. Of course there is always the possibility, in case of rain, to change the departure date.

    In case you commit a traffic infringement, you will be asked to pay the fine.
    In this case, the rental company is obliged to provide with the details of the driver to the Local Authority that issued the report, which will send the fine at your home address. The management cost is 30 euro + VAT for each fine. This cost includes any further administrative procedure that may be necessary (management of driving licence points, supply of contractual documents if required, etc.).

    You can ask for the cancellation of a reservation without incurring any penalty  at least 48 hours in advance.

    Road Conditions & Traffic Rules-Rome

    Rome is the capital of Europe and the West World with the largest number of motor vehicles, with over 400,000 units. That is why the city had to adapt over the years to accommodate an increasing number of bikers.

    The reasons are various:

    Main premise is the town planning of the city, which hardly lends itself to civil engineering works, such as construction of parking lots, roads, etc. Rome is an open-air museum, every construction work has to deal with this reality.

    As a natural consequence, in order to relieve the congestion of city traffic, it is the prohibition of cars to pass inside the ZTL (limited traffic zone corresponding to the old town), an exempt prohibition for motor vehicles.

    The necessity to reduce journey timing due to traffic and the lack of parking areas for cars, have contributed to the overall increase in the number of motorvehicles.

    Ultimately Rome has become the city of two wheels, the motor vehicle is a means of work for the Romans, and a fascinating way of visiting the city for tourists.

    The ZTL area (restricted traffic zone) is open to two-wheeled vehicles, unlike cars. This area represents the largest portion of the center of Rome.

    In Rome, the only area forbidden to transit even with scooters and motorbikes is the ZTL A1 area. This area corresponds roughly to the “Medici Trident” and consists of Via del Corso, Via del Babuino and Via di Ripetta. The entrances are not “guarded”, but equipped and monitored with cameras that detect unauthorized entry automatically.

    The only scooters allowed to access also in this area are the electric vehicles, available for rent in this site.  

    In the center of Rome there are many parking lots for the exclusive use of two wheels, also for mopeds and motorcycles, while paid parking inside the blue stripes, reserved for cars, is allowed and free of charge.

    The roads to Ostia and the coast of Lazio do not allow the transit of small vehicles (50 cc) moreover the route is not recommended for those who are driving motor vehicles of greater capacity (+ 300 cc).

    If your destination is right on the coast of Lazio, we highly recommend the pick-up at the delivery point of Ostia Lido.